Railgate Finland - Efficient and Reliable

Kouvola’s superb location along three key roads makes the city the leading dry harbour in the land, catering to the needs of the major ports of South Finland – such as HaminaKotka, Helsinki and Naantali. There’s a metropolis conveniently nearby, no matter if you go west or east:  by train, it takes little over one hour to get to Helsinki, and two hours if you’re heading to St. Petersburg. Furthermore, the largest freight marshalling yard in Finland is located in Kouvola, creating a strong focus point for a thriving ecosystem of almost 200 transport and freight handling companies.

Featuring the highest cargo flow and volume in Finland, Kouvola continues to evolve and diversify its logistical offering – an effort that has not gone unnoticed in the European Union. Having been designated by the EU Commission as the only TEN-T core network terminal in Finland, Kouvola launched an ambitious Rail-Road Terminal Project in 2015. The aim of the project is to create Finland’s first large-scale intermodal terminal, complete with state-of-the-art Logistics Park services. By 2030, Kouvola wants to be one of the most important logistical hubs in Northern Europe, driven by cutting-edge Smart Logistics.

By fully upgrading the Kouvola Rail-Road Terminal – and the emerging Multimodal Logistics Platform (MLP) – one can seriously boost the competitiveness of Kouvola as a major player in North European logistics. Kouvola is a great place for growth!


Efficient and Reliable

In Kouvola Innovation, we are looking for investors and companies who want to save money and time as well as seek new markets for their products that need more economical transport means than airfreight but faster than cargo ship. We offer business opportunities especially in warehousing and distribution. Our services help you to get started and we're also the as you start rolling and gaining momentum. Our experts have the local know-how that will help your business really take off.

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