Invitation to tender for sales partner

This is a cooperative procurement of five different DMOs in South-East Finland. The DMOs work togeth-er in promoting tourism in the municipalities of Kouvola, Kotka-Hamina, Porvoo, Sipoo and Loviisa under the name Southeast Finland (later referred as SEF). This is not a brand but a joint promotion effort, set by Visit Finland, to attract new customers from outside Finland more effectively. The destinations pro-mote together in different Visit Finland’s workshops and for example in ITB Berlin 2020. Germany is an emerging market for SEF. Already existing sales channels have been identified and which products they are offering. 

SEF is looking for a dynamic sales partner / representative for the German B2B travel markets. 

The partner will undertake the following responsibilities: 
a) Representing SEF to the travel industry in Germany 3-4 days a month 
b) Implementation of partnerships including tour and travel agent visits and training, trade familiarisa-tion trips, co-operative activities with trade partners and follow-up 
c) Provision of market intelligence and reporting
d) Strategy input into SEF’s Annual Operating plan as it is related to the German market 
a. The partnership is led by SEF and the sales partner reports back monthly 
e) Assisting SEF providers in penetrating the German market
f) Representing at key trade events, consumer shows and other events if necessary 
g) Additional services (option)
Questions regarding the procurement need to be sent to latest 11th February at noon. All queries are answered on 12 th February. The answers are published here below. 

See the whole invitation to tender for more instructions and deadlines:

Invitation to tender for sales partner


1. The tender mentiones the word “training”. Should the given price include also travel expences for the training?  
The given price should not include travel expences, these will be invoiced separately.  
2. The tender mentiones ”trade familiarisation trips”. Does the price need to include hosting / tour leader services in the SEF area? If yes, does the price need to include also the travel expences of the host?  
These trade familiarisation trips are negotiated separately case by case with the partner. In some cases we might need a host and in some cases no. Therefore the price doesn’t need to include travel expences. 
3. The tender mentiones “Representing at key trade events, consumer shows and other events if necessary”. Do we need to include certain events into the monthly price because it says “if nesessary” or will these be offered as options? How the travel expences of these events need to be written in the tender? To include them in the monthly price or invoiced separately?  
These can be written down as options. Also the travel expences will be invoiced separately.  
4. The tender mentiones the ” Tour and travel agent visits”. Does this mean a roadshow in Germany with SEF people attending? Or do you wish that the partner would contact the potential travel agencies independently without SEF representation?  
We hope that the partner is able to contact the tour and travel agencies independently in Germany. If necessary in some cases a SEF representative might attend but these can be discussed case by case.  
5. The tender mentiones “A process idea (max A4) on how to sell the SEF region in German market”. Does this mean that the process idea document can be only 1 x A4 or that it should be in A4 format and there is no limit to the page number?  
The process idea can only be maximun A4 lenght.