Kouvola, with great location and good traffic connections offers many possibilities for business. Kouvola Innovation's relocating services offer your company insights into Kouvola’s relocating areas and various industries.

The container train connection between Kouvola and Xi'an, Railgate Finland,  is regular schedule into both directions, East and West. It's operated by  Kouvola Cargo Handling Oy, the representative of Logbox.

Every other year in Kouvola organised RAILFORUM -conference brings together experts of railway logistics from all over the world. The event is about high-class speeches, fresh aspects, useful contacts and investment possibilities in the field.



Xian office contact information:

Add: 西安市,灞桥区,西安国际港务区,港务大道88号,陆港保税大厦,612室。

Room 612, Lugang Bonded Building, No.88 Gangwu Avenue, Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park, Baqiao District, Xi'an City

Tel: +86 29 83517786+86 18092382260

Contact person: Nancy Li  红艳




Container train traffic between Kouvola and Xi’an has for around a year been managed and operated jointly by Kazakhstan railways, KTZ Express, Kouvola Innovation Oy, Unytrade Oy, and Kouvola Cargo Handling Oy.  

The cooperation has been very successful and operations have become established so that at the present time, there is one container train from Kouvola to Xi’an and one from Xi’an to Kouvola every week.

The importance of rail transport cooperation is emphasised by the participation of Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, at the event in which the contract on enhancing cooperation was signed.

In the contract signed on 16 October 2018 in Helsinki, Kazakhstan railways, KTZ Express, Kouvola Innovation Oy and Unytrade Oy form a cooperation group that promotes the goods transport between Kazakhstan and the Nordic countries by rail.  

The aim of the parties is to enhance their cooperation and to jointly develop rail transport between Kazakhstan and Finland. Rail transport cooperation is also enhanced with other Nordic countries, first by extending operations to Haparanda and the Port of Narvik, both of which participate in developing connections to China and Kazakhstan. In addition, the parties intend to continue to develop the routes between China and the EU.

The aim is to increase the volume of rail transport between the above countries. The parties commit to market and promote the development of the transport in their respective countries, as well as to represent the others in their countries.  


The first joint train of sawn timber operators from Kouvola to Xi’an on 17 October 2018

The first joint train of several sawn timber operators will leave from Kouvola to Xi’an in China on Wednesday 17 October 2018. The train includes a total of 41 40’ containers that contain sawn timber from several sawmill operators. The train is roughly 800 metres long. The joint train of the sawn timber operators enables the participation of smaller sawmills with no previous experience in train transportation in the Kouvola-Xi’an train route. Some of the containers were loaded at the sawmills, while others were loaded in Kouvola by Kouvola Cargo Handling. For furher information, please contact: Ms Anu Kujansuu, Marketing Director, Kouvola Cargo Handling Oy, tel. +358 40 554 1183 anu.kujansuu@cargohandling.fi


The travel time of the train from Kouvola to Xi’an is 14 days and the route of the train is Kouvola (FI) - Kanizay (RU) - Dostyk (KZ)/Alashankou (CN) - Xi'an (CN). Xi’an, the destination of the train, is optimal for several customers of the sawmill industry that are located in inland China. Sawn timber can also be stored in the free zone in Xi’an without customs clearance. There is demand in the sawmill industry for a fast container train: the following sawn timber trains have already been scheduled to leave from Kouvola in November and December.




For building businesses that rely on the backbone of the container train operation, the cities of Kouvola and Xi’an and their development companies, Kouvola Innovation Oy and Xi’an International Trade and Logistics (ITL), have launched "The North Eurasia Growth Platform”. That is where large Northern European and Chinese manufacturing and trade companies build the most competitive logistic chains between the EU and China by utilizing Kouvola and Xi’an hubs.

Both Xi’an and Kouvola are ready to invest and provide practically unlimited space for companies to locate their distribution and supply centers, manufacturing facilities, and connected service and data centers.

"Kouvola and Finland offer one of the best locations for establishing a center for EU business. We have an extremely safe and functioning environment for business with plenty of highly skilled labour. Our infrastructure provides congestion-free transportation to all directions, emphasizes Ms. Marita Toikka, the Mayor of Kouvola.

The North Eurasia Growth Platform gathers interest, representatives of global companies from China, Norway, Sweden and Finland participated the promotion seminar in Helsinki on 8th June 2018.

Video of The Railgate Finland Kouvola-Xian






Railgate Finland, Kouvola - China Express - started in 10th November 2017 and opened up new business opportunities to entirely new product groups for which air transport has been too expensive, but maritime transport too slow. The first trip lasted 12 days, making it significantly faster than sea freight. Price-wise, rail transportation is also a competitive option. The service will initially run once a week.

The route is operated by KTZ Express, Kazakhstan Railway's transport and logistics service provider, whose agent in Finland is Unytrade Oy. The first traincarried forest industry products and the customers include Kuehne+Nagel.

The new route creates efficiency and competitive advantage in rail transport. European freight train services from China are oveerburdened and hampered by a cronic container shortage. Transport via Kouvola will make the route up to 2000 km shorter. The track gauge is similar to that used in Russia, which means that time-consuming reloading needs to be performed only once.

Railgate Finland, Kouvola - China Express will open up new business opportunities to entirely new product groups for which air transport has been too expensive, but maritime transport too slow. In addition to China, the transport corridor contributes to Japan, Australia and South Korea, and to imports to Europe and the Nordic Countries. Thanks to its speed, the train also enables refrigerated goods to be transported and the transport of seasonal goods and products requiring special conditions.

The transport corridor has been developed actively since 2013 by Kouvola Innovation Oy in cooperation with the City of Kouvola, and both local and international businesses and partners.


11th November 2017

Video of the Opening Ceremonies

Press release 10.11.2017
The new container route Kouvola-Xi´an has been opened


Opening speech 
Mrs. Marita Toikka, Kouvola City Mayor

Opening speech
Mr. Antti Häkkänen, Minister of Justice

Opening speech
Mr. Chen Li, Ambassador of PRC

Greetings from
Mr. Shang Guan Ji Qing, The Mayor of Xi´an

Opening speech 
Mr. ​Martti Husu, Managing Director of Kouvola Innovation Oy

From left: Deputy Director of Administradtion Committee of Xi'an
International Trade & Logistic Park Yuhui Huang; Acting Trade
Representative of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Sinelnikov;
Ambassador of PRC, Mr. Chen Li; Ambassador of the Republic of
Kazakhstan, Mr. Murat Nurtleuov; Minister of Justice,
Mr. Antti Häkkänen and City Mayor of Kouvola, Mrs. Marita Toikka. 

Mr. Antti Häkkänen, Minister of Justice


Mr. Murat Nurtleuov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr. Chen Li, Ambassador of PRC


From left: Mr. Sergey Sinelnikov, Mr. Murat Nurtleuov,
Mr. Antti Häkkänen and Mr. Martti Husu, Managing Director of
Kouvola Innovation Oy.