Interested in buying a business -or planning to sell?

Sometimes it may be wise to buy an existing business instead of establishing a brand new one. Especially if the business in question has a solid customer base and decent cashflow, the equation is a tempting one.


Kinno provides service to both the seller and the buyer in instances where a business is changing hands.

Here’s how it works: first, we will map out your situation and service needs. After this, you will receive six months of online visibility for your buy/sell advertisement at Yrityspörssi (Business Market) for free (normal price 95 EUR + VAT!) 


Maintained by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Yrityspörssi is a national meeting place for sellers and buyers online, bringing together those hoping to buy or sell a company. 

Buy & selll ads in Yrityspörssi

We bring the sellers and the buyer candidates together following strict confidentiality. Therefore, signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required for both the sellers and buyer candidates as pertains to the information they receive in connection to the negotiations.  

Every successful hand-off boosts continuity in the local business ecosystem. 


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Kouvola Region holds hundreds of companies that are looking for new driving forces in the years to come.  Are you the next link in a long chain – and ready to make your own mark as an entrepreneur?  

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