Smart Circular Procurement project, generally referred to with its acronym CircPro, receives funding from the Interreg Europe Programme. The project aims to promote its partner regions’ transition towards circular economy (CE) related national and regional decision-making by increasing the implementation of circular procurement (CP). 

When CE principles and criteria are incorporated into the procurement of products/services, and products will be further processed after use (having repairable, reusable, modifiable, separable components and materials), they are called circular procurements. Different types of technology-based sharing approaches, such as product service system, where users rent, lease and share products, instead of purchasing them, are also increasing.

Contributing to the selected policy instruments – as in Finland’s case to the Kymenlaakso Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) – by aiming to incorporate the CE principles and criteria on the strategic level, the ultimate goal after the project is to get CPs as an established practice of municipalities and towns’ procurement. CircPro aims to: increase partner regions’ know-how on CP and recycled materials; to identify, assess, exchange and disseminate existing national/regional initiatives, good practices, supporting measures and networks that could boost the implementation of the CP; to identify procedural and legal barriers experienced by procurers and suppliers when implementing procurements with circular elements, and to enhance dialogue between suppliers and procurers. Every region prepares Action Plan with specific proposals for improving the existing regional policies, programmes or instruments. The last two years of the project are dedicated to implementing the Action Plans and evaluating their impact. 

Project consortium is made up of 11 partners from 10 regions. Kouvola Innovation is the Lead Partner meaning that it coordinates the whole project and is responsible also for its own share of the project. Project partners come from Bulgaria (Bulgarian Association of Recycling), Spain (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Regional Government of Andalusia), Italy (Piemonte Region & University of Turin), Greece (Region of East Macedonia and Thrace), Croatia (Development Agency IGRA), Lithuania (Lithuanian Innovation Centre), Norway (Municipality of Elverum), Portugal (Alentejo Coordination and Regional Development Commission) and Estonia (Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre). 


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Title: Smart Circular Procurement
Acronym: CircPro
Lead Partner: Kouvola Innovation Ltd
Funding: Interreg Europe Programme
Implementation period: 1.6.2018–31.5.2023


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