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Logistics, bioeconomy and digitalization are the most potent areas for future growth and development in the Kymenlaakso Region.

The European Union ranked high the application – drawn up in spring 2016 – concerning the funding of NERO project (Cost reduction of Nearly Zero-En

Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province from the People’s Republic of China visited Kouvola to get to know the possibilities of The Northern Cor

With Kouvola City’s funding there’s established a new 5-year (2016-2020) Wooden structures professorship at Aalto University, in Departmen

Circular economy is the word of the moment.

New ”cottage special” filter cleans up lake water – without clogging up!


Pekka Kankfelt is working on an innovation which could improve the health of millions of cows around the world – and result in soaring milk product

Next-gen e-commerce is poised to take off with Flying Lynx 

The new “traffic city” seeks to revolutionize the way we look at motorsports, driver training and vehicle system testing.

Kouvola is located in South-East Finland, within striking distance from two European metropolises.

Wood construction professor Fink feels that timber is not getting fair treatment by construction industry.

Local inventor Taisto Raussi is tackling the utilization of biomasses – as part of EU-funded top research projec

Belor Agro - Fertiliser terminal off to a great start! Salo-based Belor Agro picked Kouvola as its logistics anchor.


The Kouvola region, reachable with a 1h20min train connection to both the downtown Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, and with a 2h20min train c